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Froese sets a wonderful pace, not unlike a person driving a boat pulling a water skier, keeping the speed just right.
-Crime Spree Magazine

Anna Gareau came to Victoria B.C. with two secrets. One was an unregistered pistol she was delivering to a collector on the Island. The other was something she couldn’t even name, a strange talent that allowed her to touch things and feel the emotions and memories their owners had left behind.

Collie Kostyna came to Victoria to uncover a few secrets. Her best friend, Jocelyn, worked for The Rail, a news magazine headquartered in Victoria. Jocelyn had phoned Collie to complain about the magazine’s staff. They were behaving strangely, committing unmotivated crimes. One had committed suicide.

Jocelyn had a theory that her office was under attack and she wanted to tell Collie the details. Minutes before Jocelyn and Collie were supposed to meet, Jocelyn was found dead in a hotel swimming pool.

Led by circumstances to investigate together, Anna and Collie find themselves in a world of arrogant magicians and unchecked power, confronted with secret talents that Anna finds uncomfortably familiar. By the time they’ve solved the crime, it has become the least of their concerns.

Grayling Cross
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This is a lively novel filled with action, both real and unreal.
-the Globe and Mail

Why is magic still a secret in Edmonton? Good PR.

Psychic Anna Gareau and public relations expert Collie Kostyna keep things quiet for local magicians and for their biggest client, an underground supernatural society known as the Embassy.

In Grayling Cross, an investigator arrives in town on the trail of a missing teenage psychic, and hires Anna and Collie to be his liaisons to the local magic community. Troublingly, though, he turns out to have a knack for suppressing magic, leaving magicians powerless and vulnerable — and the Embassy wastes no time telling Anna and Collie to get him out of town.

When an Embassy employee is found murdered in a house nobody should have been able to enter, with a weapon that never should have killed him, Anna and Collie wonder whether their client could be responsible.

What the Cat Dragged In

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A wonderful book unlike just about anything… like if EB White and Dashiell Hammett produced children together, only better.
-Curtis Wenzel

What the Cat Dragged In is a dog detective noir for older kids and adults. It’s the debut of Spenser T. Dog, a German shepherd with a 100 pound imagination and time on his paws. From his office in the dining room, next to the place the balls roll under, Spenser sniffs out a case that involves a peanut butter sandwich heist and a feline femme fatale. His papillon secretary and scruffy informant next door help him in his eternal quest to prove that, in a morally complicated world, he really is a good dog.